Monday, 13 October 2014

too much time is a bad time.

Morning long suffering bloggies...
was that even a word...well if your reading this yet again, you will know nothing is 'normal' on this blog. I mean it's all there, right in the name.

But anyways...enough of that.

Ever noticed how the weather can affect your hobby and i don't mean in a 'oh bugger it's raining and i can't undercoat' kind of way.
I set out with the intention of getting some serious painting done over yesterday and today. But the weather rolled in and it's been dark, dull, wet and windy...kinda like a really bad girlfriend/boyfriend.
The knock on effect has been no hobby thus far. I just want to curl up on the sofa, ipad in hand, heating on and drink tea.

It's not a bad thing i guess, well unless you want to paint etc. Or like me, you have too much time suddenly.
Then you kinda get the itch to surf twitter. See beautifully painted Pan O Infinity models painted by Mark Sheppard aka gorillawizard.
That stuff is not good for my health and half hour later there i am pondering ordering Infinity Operation Icestorm from 'the wargaming trader'.
Well you know my resistance to these things.
But i did try and i did really ponder as i only knew of 2 other players in the area.
But a short conversation on the Infinity facebook page and it turns out there is more like 8 or 10.
Bugger. Ordered. Oh and Aftermath wargaming club joined.

Much like Mario Ballotellytubby i have to ask. Why ME?

Oh yeah i am a wargamer.

So more poor than before.

But i will finally get to scratch that Dominion Tank Police/Akira/Venus Wars itch.

Now i just need the effects of this bad weather to clear off, so i can stop wanting to be an OAP who wraps up in thermals and slippers drinking tea and get back to the wargamer armed with an airbrush and absolutely no idea what i am doing.

Have fun folks.