Friday, 10 October 2014

all good clogs come to those who wait.

Somethings never go as planned.
Sons of horus pft...

But lets go back to this morning.
For some reason i woke up with the urge to crack on and paint my Dropzone Commander Shaltari force, i also wanted to get the basecoat down on my Sicaran as well.

It started out well, good intentions and all that. I thought a few days the sons of horus were the way forwards, then changed my mind to imperial fists and purchased the vallejo model air paints to paint the sicaran up in fist colours. Then 2 days ago i started reading Angel Exterminatus. Oooops Iron Warriors it is then.
Today also started with me intending on a new easier scheme for my shaltari. Maybe making use of those extra yellow paints.

So off i went to the hobby room. I happily laid down a full coat of metallic black on the tank and aside from a few clogs on the airbrush all went well. (The airbrush im using is my back up brush and a suction feed and it clogs up no end, no matter how well you clean it and thin the paints).

Then i turned my attentions to the shaltari. Picked up a model and looked at one of the earlier painted models and a random and unusual though hit me. It went something like 'actually these look cool'. So a few colour swaps for the pallet and off i went into the merry go round of airbrush clogdom.

A good few hours passed with me hidden behind my respirator mask...the mask was probably a good thing, as was the loud music as it blanked out a large portion of the interesting swear word combinations i was muttering as i cleared another clog.

But at the end of it. I had this to show for it.

And my full 1500pts of Dropzone Commander Shaltari

Not a bad days work, the shaltari are coming along and i am really happy with the silver on the Sicaran Venator so far.