Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Things that go BOOM in the night

Along slowly.

World of tanks steals your time.

QPR in the play off final at wembley  steals your money.

But the brits are moving slowly. Got the airbrush on them yesterday so they are atleast all brown now!.
Stoll looking for a decent guide on how to paint the jeeps though.

But today is about


Not little pops, splutters or thudds. But BIG, LOUD, BOOOOOOMS.

The sort that make wargames come to life. Thats right!!! blast markers.

Last weekend i ordered some LED blast markers from @lemonPainting on twitter. £2 a pop + pp was a snip for what i received today.

To say i am happy with them would be an understatement. Decent sizes, various shapes and to top it off...they flicker!!!!!

These beauties should bring some high explosive love to my battlefields soon.

10 dormant markers

2 of the markers lit up

Short video of the markers in action

Anyways i hope you like the markers and be sure to hit up LemonPainting if you want to add some funsized High Explosive action to your battlefields.