Saturday, 10 May 2014

A nod to warlord games

Been a quiet couple of weeks, work, birthday and that damned world of tanks game that is eating up my life.

But not only do i now have some models to crack on with ahead of the afterbolt tournament. But i also felt that a 'nod' of congratulations was due in the direction of Warlord Games.

So a few weeks ago i sold off a load of models to pay for the rest of my Bolt Action British Airborne from Warlord Games.

It seems my order was one of many in a bright upsurge for bolt action (its getting 4x as many orders recently). The knock on effect has been delays for most people, especially awkward asses like me who pick out individual models for their order.

Now i could rag on warlord. But a post on the fb page quickly received a response, an explanation was offered and promises to push the order the best they could. Another week or so passed and today the order arrived. Just over 3 weeks turn around.

But despite that delay, i have every faith in the company. Why...well it's gestures like they made. You see, in apology for the delay, the person i spoke to put in a little hand written note. Not only that, but they included 2 British vickers mmg teams, 2 models with a combined value of £14. Its a nice and in truth fairly sizable gesture for a small company who are suffering growing pains from the sudden explosion of Bolt Action and interest in 'Gates of Antares. I think many companies could learn a thing or two from the folks at Warlord. What could have been a negative PR episode, has been turned around into a happy and content game and a positive PR moment.

So let me just say this.

Well done Warlord Games.

Oh and the shinnies in question??

The extras included :)

Now wheres my clippers and glue, I got me some Huns to hunt.