Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Yes, i am ever so slightly behind the times.
But i have just discovered 'Warhammer Invasion' by Fantasy Flight Games.

Now my previous experience of card games was rummy, black jack and Magic the Gathering.
I have always loved games like Mtg, but to be honest the sheer outlay in cash for it these days is just stupid. I know not everyone will agree, but the idea of laying out hundreds if not thousands of pounds on cards which are for want of a better word 'invalid' after 18 months is a bit of a dampener. None the less i did flirt with mtg during 7th and 12th edition.

So with that background you can imagine my intrigue when i stumbled on the warhammer invasion core box in a toy store in Norwich,
Before buying it i did a bit of research. The reviews were positive, the idea of all the cards being usable was also a big positive. So it was with a little trepidation i jumped in and got the core box for myself and my fiancee Carol.

And what a great decision it was.
The game play is simple in the basics, whilst allowing lots of fun shenanigans. The resource system works nicely and the game itself seems well balanced.

We have both tried all 4 decks in the box and played a good 20 games which have all been highly enjoyable, with no guaranteed winner in any game.

The cards and wonderfully illustrated, the capital boards and card pieces all have a good quality feel to them.

Overall i have to say i have been highly impressed and delighted by this offering from FFG even if i am a couple of years behind the times. Now the quest begins to get the expansion decks as quickly as possible. Gotta catch em all eh...oh ooops wrong game!

If your an old hat to Trading card/living card games then give this a spin, if your new to the system then this game could be a good starting point as it's not overly complex in the mechanics and easy to learn.
I really cant recommend 'Warhammer Invasion' enough.

So what are you waiting for, cry havoc and let loose the paper cuts of war.