Thursday, 16 June 2016

my black library sale

So as many of you know, i am to lose my hobby room over the enxt few days.
alas this means less room for the mountain of plasti-crack,books, magazines and paint stuff.

Most has gone, but i still have a lot of books to go.
So here is a list.
Prices are simple and exclude postage.
Paperback £1.50
Hardback £2.50
Omnibus £3.50

WFB books.

Wild Kingdom
Fell Cargo
The Great Betrayal
The Legened of Sigmar
Elves Omnibus

40K books

Space Wolf Omnibus one
Space Wolf Omnibus two
Blood Angel Omnibus
Gaunts Ghosts- Bloodpact X2
Eye of terror
Storm of Iron
Into the Maelstrom
The Bleeding Chalice
Crucible of Iron
Grey Knights
Execution Hour
Path of the Seer
Path of the outcast

Horus Heresy novels
A thousand sons
Prospero Burns
Galaxy in Flames X2
Horus Rising
False Gods
Fallen Angels
Battle for the Abyss
Flight of the Eisenstein
Angels Exterminatus

 Postage will depend on the number of books but will always be recorded delivery.
All the books above in a single bundle price £45 posted.
Yup thats 30 odd books for 45 quid!

So hit me up folks!