Sunday, 1 February 2015

Adventuring back through the breach

As i eluded to hahaha...ok spaffed and waxed lyrical about in my last post.
I have taken the plunge and decided to venture back through the breach and back into Malifaux.

You already know the crew i am taking from my previous post 'Kirai'.
So most of my current time is spent reading articles on her, trying to find paint scheme ideas and above all, trying to figure out how to do some really characterful bases.
But a break from the google bashing was needed.
So here i am.
With nothing new to show.
Miniature Monday on the horizon and a need to show off something.

So i thought i would dig up my previous malifaux works and show them off.
A kind i am, here's what i hope to achieve on a painting level once again.

So without further they are.

The Ortega family

Perdita Ortega

Santiago Ortega

Nino Ortega

Francisco Ortega

Papa Loco

Abuela Ortega

 Next up
The Red Chapel Crew...or Seamus and his ladies of negotiable hospitality


Copycat Killer

Madam Sybelle

Rotten Belles

No close ups on my next crew sadly.
But the Viktorias along with Misaki

Finally, like any wargamer, i like to try and have something nice to play over. But my 40k/wfb boards just weren't going to cut it for the Victorian steampunk world of Malifaux.
So i spent a good few weeks and a stupid amount of money on card, foamcard,printer cartridges and prittstick.
To produce a board from WorldWorks Games.

But my god was it worth the time and effort.

It started off looking like this

With a good amount of swearing and time it became more like this

Before finally becoming this. Worth the effort i hope you will agree.

So that's where i am at and where i hope to head to once again.

As usual thoughts, comments, suggestions are always welcome, especially in relation to where i might source some interesting Oriental bases/decorations for base.
Any thoughts just hit me up on twitter @ghostwalker0299