Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bolt action and a proud achievment.

Welcome back for the latest update on my 2 week battle to turn a battered old gaming table into something worthwhile.

As you may recall i started out with this.

Well after some swearing, experiments and prayers, the board has taken on a great deal of changes. Long suffering readers will have seen recent pics of the project as it has progressed along.
Well the main board is now finished. I just have to paint the buildings etc to call it done (Just...he says!)
But of course you want some pics to look at right..... well?

Who am i to argue.

Bridge board complete.

Throw on some unpainted scenery annnnnd

Now some folks on various forums have asked for measurements of the bridge etc. So here goes (more self gratifying images to follow after)

Bridge span end to end

River Width

Narrowest point on the river (between the 2 support piers)

Now back to the fun the pics.
Views from the 2 ends of the board, looking across the bridge

 Now you know i had to get some models down on the board...i am a gamer after all.

It all looks so peaceful from the cafe Gondree

But cross the bridge and its Achtun Fallschirmjager!!! As the men of the Ox and Bucks break from the treeline to assault the bridge.

I took some more pics of the troops moving out of the trees. But well this is WW2 and colour photography was well into its infancy, so some photoshop fun and suddenly its June 6th 1944 again!!

Over my years in wargaming i have taken many pics of models and games. But this one pretty much stands as my ALL TIME favourite. I literally get goosebumps looking at it. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

Well that's the update for now folks. Might be quiet for a few days. I need to prepare myself for the painting of the bridge, i also need to spend some time with my kids and somewhere between now and late September, i need to paint about 500pts of British airborne for a tournament too.

May your dice never roll a 1.