Friday, 25 July 2014

Back to Bolt Action

Welcome back long suffering bloggers.

Well the last few weeks have been somewhat ... interesting.

3 weeks solid decorating and reorganising has seen me lose my hobby space. But today i got it reclaimed!!
But alas my Dropzone commander gaming group has swapped nights and left me in limbo.

So in an attempt not to lose the decent turn of painting i have had this year, i thought i would turn my attention back to my Warlord Games Bolt Action stuff.
I have a tournament in september.
But today was not about that.

Today i took an old relic of a gaming board and introduced it to some violent force with a claw hammer.

It started the day looking like this.

After a few hours spent hacking at it with a claw hammer to remove the 'scenery', followed by some serious photo observation, research and marker pen/ruler time.
It began to look like this

Now this is all in order to finally get me working on my Pegasus bridge model.

With some basic components in place, you get the idea of where i am heading

I hope eventually to have something that resembles this. A long way above what i can achieve but i can aspire.

So thats the plan....only time will tell if i succeed or fail.